A very old story snippet


Momma D was quite pleased she’d finally got them all to the lake. Alex wasn’t convinced they could keep pretending to Baby D that this was all just a seaside holiday, but she wouldn’t make trouble by refusing to dress up for a snapshot. She might think twice about working her techno-magic on the pic so it didn’t look quite so dank and dark, but if they all got through this together then maybe…“If that’s what you want, then of course I will.” She was doing it again! How many times did one have to ask that silly girl not to read one’s mind uninvited?

“Sorry. I’ll try to remember.” Alex squatted down so Baby could hop onto her back. “Come on Babe, I’ll teach you to swim.”

“Momma, Momma, can I? Can I?” Baby climbed further up Alex in his excitement.

“Hey, Babe, no hair pulling, okay? What have I told you?”

“ ‘The-number-one-rule-for-girls-and-dragons-is-no-pulling-hair-or-wings.’ Yeah, I know Auntie Alex. So can we swim now? Can we? Can we?”

“Let me just check your wings dear. You know all the pink fluff has to be gone before it’s safe for little ones to be immersed in water.” She placed the camera back in the backpack and sucked Baby up into the air, regulating her breath so he went gently spinning to let her see him all over.

“It has, Momma, it has. I checked when I washed in the sand last night.” He turned a somersault in the air-stream and twisted gracefully to land back on Alex’ shoulder as it faded out. As he had clearly intended, the force turned her around in a half-step towards the water.

“Behave yourself, Baby.” She thrummed hard enough to let Alex into her mind. “Are you sure you can swim all the way across with him? We could go around.”

“You know that would take days, and we haven’t got that much time. I can swim this, and he’s small enough to be no trouble. He’ll even help, once he gets the hang of things.”

“Maybe. I just wish I could fly us all across.”

“You know you can’t fly with weight across water. The backpack is going to be hard enough. It’s you I’m worrying about.”

That shocked her. “Once you’re in that water I don’t want you worrying about anything but you and my little one!”

Baby twisted his face into Alex’. “Hey, you’re talking about me again, aren’t you? That’s not fair!” He bounced on her shoulder so she would lose concentration.


“It’s okay Ma. Come on Babe, let’s go feel the water.”

One day perhaps I’ll write some more



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