‘Didjou make every bit of that?’

Lisa’s blanket

I do believe last night on the ferry was the first time I’ve had strangers actually come over to me to ask about what I’m crocheting. I’ve had several who happened to be nearby (on the bus or whatever) comment and discuss it, but that’s different. In any case I got a whole bevy of young kids over about an hour, and they were nearly all fascinated. I couldn’t work it out exactly, but they seemed to be in a big group from down the country (Carlow maybe) going to England for a holiday and many of them were siblings.

First was a lad of about 15, who I’ve quoted above, and who seemed very impressed. He didn’t seem quite comfortable chatting about a baby blanket, though, so he wandered off after a couple of minutes. Then in the last half hour or so on the ferry I got all the younger ones (6-10 year olds?) in their pyjamas, evidently having been woken up to disembark a bit early.

Little Bridget and her older sister were quite comfortable rummaging through whatever I had on the table in front of me, as their following siblings would be, asking what I was doing, would I make them a blanket like this one, why I had chopsticks in the bag with my spare yarn, wouldn’t it be fun to knit with them, would I give them what I was making, how long had I been working on the blanket, did I really enjoy crocheting, would I make something for them, would I give them some of my yarn, etc, etc. (Making a baby blanket, no, because they were clean and I’d thought I might want them, perhaps but that wasn’t my intent, no sorry, months, yes, perhaps if I finish my project first, no, just in case you’re interested.)

In the end, after a lot of pushing, I did make Bridgie a three petalled flower with the other end of my current ball of cotton – what took the longest was cutting the yarn with no scissors or knife to hand (I ended up breaking the individual threads with the pin of a brooch) – but didn’t for the rest of them as I hadn’t got to finish the blanket.

I did finish it on the coach not long after, so I got to sleep after that, and then when I got home at 7:20am this morning I found my fabric scissors, cut the end and wove in my end, then tied it up with ribbon, put it in a pretty paper bag and took it the intended recipient. I’m looking forward to seeing pictures of it and the baby, I have to say.


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