The first book of 2008

And it’s

  1. The World According to Humphrey by Betty G. Birney,

which is a nice little children’s book, and one of four new acquisitions yesterday, from the book tokens my mother sent for my birthday a few weeks ago. (I also got Elizabeth Gaskell‘s Cranfordrecovered from the recent television series, which I saw a little, although not all of – The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, and the Selected Poems of James Fenton.)

Anyway, Humphrey is a nice little hamster, and a class pet who goes home with different pupils each weekend, solving family problems along the way. In all but one case he does this by methods that a not-so-sentient animal might do by chance, and in that case he isn’t really suspected, so all works out well. I believe there are some sequels already published or on the way, and I might seek them out, from the library at least.

The book is recommended for readers of 7 and up, and I would personally say any child who has or wants a hamster either at home would enjoy it. (Perhaps parents who don’t want to encourage the desire might think again, however!) The responsabilities involved are clearly laid out, but not in an onerous fashion.


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