Just Because…

It’s my first week blogging, so I thought I’d keep up having at least one post per day. Still no sign of my new power cable.

I didn’t finish another book yesterday, either (and doubt I will today), but I am resolved that at least one book out of every five should be a Jewish book of some kind (this might or might not include those I read specifically for work, which will, though, make the list), and that I’m going to try harder to commit to reading only (okay mostly) those on Shabbos.

I did get further with Selected Poems by James Fenton while walking to the shops yesterday, however, and he’s inspired me to find some time to learn about Cambodia. That won’t be now! I hadn’t really heard of him before I picked up the book in the airport Borders on Monday, but I really enjoyed the poem on the random page I opened, so it went onto the book token! I have gone through poetry anthologies cover to cover before, but it isn’t what I usually do. (Things like Ffangs The Vampire Bat and the Kiss of Truth aren’t anthologies, after all.)

The coursework isn’t going so well, unfortunately.

Good Shabbos!

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