Playing with February’s stitches

I have a feeling this project might just use all 2829 of them, being in such a fine string. I was trying to keep it rectangular, as I’m expecting to give this away as a table mat, but I amn’t convinced that rectangularity is really going to happen. I’m up to February 15th already, which is a lot of fun. There’s a lot of textured/3D stuff in this one cloth. (The types of stitches do seem to get bunched in this book.)

Like all the strings I’ve used for crocheting, this is horrendously overtwisted, and although I spent ages on untwisting it when balling up from the skein it came in, I still have to stop every few stitches to let the project spin about a bit.

That was kind of fun on the bus this morning, as at least one girl couldn’t keep her eyes off it hanging twisting in the aisle. She was talking to her friend, but hardly looking up at all, so far as I could see. I stopped after a bit, anyway, once I got a window seat I could sleep against.

My pink squiggle scarf may not be the warmest ever, but it’s the best portable pillow I’ve come across. A cloth bagged WIP can also be good, or potentially even more comfortable, but nothing beats the hanging bit of this scarf for joint portability/convenience and comfort. It completely stops the joggling of the window. (Bumps in the road will still bounce, unfortunately.)


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