Yudel’s current reading

Or rather my current ongoing reads, although Yudel looks after the ones that don’t come on the commute with me. Let’s see, two of those are library books, two are gifts, two I bought myself, and one is a textbook. I’ll let you see can you work out which is which!

I read another book of historical clothing at work today.

10. American Victorian Costume in Early Photographs
by Priscilla Harris Dalrymple

This one was put together in 1991 from the author’s collection of Victorian photographs, once she got interested in the clothing and its changes, and then realised the books out there weren’t America-specific.

Each decade covered (1840-1899) has an initial page of text about the changing fashions in women’s, men’s and children’s clothing and hairstyles, although women’s dresses are the main focus. Then each well-reproduced photograph has a few lines of text underneath it pointing out the specific features to note.

The text is clear and comprehensible, although it doesn’t explain every unfamiliar term, or at least only does so once, so one can end up working out what an item is from context. I really like this book.


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