A good haul from the Oxfam shop on the way home, but I should have been quicker, as Shabbos is in less than an hour.

The books are for me (and yes, I started one on the walk back with all the shopping – got to chapter seven), and the hooks are for teaching the kids at work to crochet. I spent an hour teaching one today, and I think she’s borrowed my favourite hook (which thankfully isn’t mid-project just now) but I wanted some that were cheap enough to give away. Now I just need yarn for them. I didn’t really get any reading done at work today, though, so no new books for the list.

Good Shabbos!

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3 Responses to “£5.07!”

  1. Ros Says:

    That’s a fantastic haul! That reminds me, I’ve been wanting to get to Goodwill. Must do that tomorrow! Great blog!

  2. Swatching Hell « Kaet’s Weblog Says:

    […] after that I nabbed the 5.5mm hook from the ones I bought at the Oxfam shop on Friday, and that swatch came out a little too big, but I don’t have a 5.25mm, and the pattern seems […]

  3. Local Craft and Art « Kaet’s Weblog Says:

    […]Another good haul, this time from the other charity shop on my way home. I paid three times as much, but I […]

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