Lives in the balance

15. Step Up History: War and Change: Ireland 1918-1924 by Richard McConnell

This is a brave little book, trying to explain such a complicated and controversial section of Irish history without a whole lot of background to the period. It is published to meet the upper years of the primary curriculum in Ireland (the Republic) and Northern Ireland, and to add to that of England, Scotland and Wales, and I can see it being a very useful resource where the topic is being taught, but it would take a very interested child indeed to really understand the politics of the Irish Civil War from any one book. To personalise things just a bit there are brief biographies of Michael Collins and Eamonn de Valera.

16. Animal Story: Lioness Summer by Dougal Dixon

This one is all about personalising a more general story, in this case of wild lions in Africa and the challenges they face to stay alive in the face of hyenas, hunters, mining eating away at their territory, rival males and possible starvation. It tells the tale of a lioness here named Leah who becomes the dominant female of her sisters and her cubs.


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    […] one I mentioned a week ago. They are also from the same publisher as the Lioness Summer one from Monday’s post, and the Lions book here shares some pictures and graphs with that. These are more straight factual […]

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