Swatching Hell

We went to Loop today, to get yarn for my housemate’s Chanuka/birthday present, which was to be the Prepster. They had a good sale on, but we couldn’t find enough of a yarn she liked for that, so we finally settled on about 15 balls of GGH Amelie (colour number six – actually a nice purple/maroon, although it’s showing up charcoal in these pictures) which will hopefully be plenty to make a Froufrou instead.

The ball bands didn’t tell the ‘weight’ of the yarn, and seeing as it’s 100% nylon the physical weight didn’t help much, so we’ve ended up with a bulky yarn rather than a worsted weight one.

The suggested hook size is 7mm, and I’ve swatched with a 6.5mm (the top three swatches in the picture) which worked out far too big, although it took 3 swatches to be sure! I then went down to my 5mm, which came out a little too small. I’ve asked around and everyone seemed sure the nylon won’t block bigger, so that won’t do.

After that I nabbed the 5.5mm hook from the ones I bought at the Oxfam shop on Friday, and that swatch came out a little too big, but I don’t have a 5.25mm, and the pattern seems reasonably flexible as to how much crossover there should be at the front, so I’ve gone with the cheap blue plastic 5.5mm hook. I think I can do extra decreases round the sides should that be desired, too, so I think it’ll work out okay.

This almost certainly won’t be done for the birthday, but it’s nice to have a proper project back on the go. (I’m still plugging away at that February mat, too.)

(It looks like I really amn’t that good at yarn snobbery!)


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