Steady progress

Here’s where my current two WIPs are up to.

I’m up to where the pattern says the sleeves should start on the FrouFrou, but the recipient is unexpectedly away tonight, so I’ll have to wait till tomorrow to check the back is the right length. More importantly, she really wants the sleeves to fit exactly, since that’s her quirk that makes shop-bought stuff not quite right, so I’ll need her on hand to sort that out.

Hopefully she’ll be back tomorrow afternoon, so I can sort that out and then take the project along to the local knitting group (yes, I do feel like the token crocheter, but it’s nice and friendly anyway, and I haven’t been in a couple of months, what with being away, and stressed, and everything).

If not, I’ll just have to keep going with the Stitch Sample Mat, which has become my commuting piece, now that I’ve started the other. Thankfully the yarn is light, and the hook rather darker, so I can just about work on it in a dark car, as long as I know the stitch pattern I’m currently on. I did do the same stitch six times this evening though, because it just kept going funny. (Only on that one occurrence of the stitch, though, bizarrely.)

Presuming I don’t end up needing the yarn (and I really hope I don’t, as the Amelie doesn’t seem like it likes being frogged), I’m thinking of using the FrouFrou swatches (or some of them, anyway) in a piece for the Pink Project that Prudence Mapstone has just started on Ravelry. They aren’t very pink, but might work with an old pink sample I amn’t otherwise doing anything with, to make something. This is all rather vague at the moment, though, as I have plenty to be getting on with, and I’ve not done much scrumbling before. We shall see.


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2 Responses to “Steady progress”

  1. Sandytoo Says:

    Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂 That basket got a lot of comments and I guess I will just have to make more of those eventually.

    I never thought of a stitch sampler…what a neat idea. Like the samplers we used to do as kids with embroidery. I really like how yours is turning out. Are you going to just make a continuous piece or make several squares?

  2. kaet Says:

    This is actually the fourth stitch sampler I’m doing in a row, and I’m really pleased to hear you like it. I’m giving them away as table mats (or whatever the recipient wants to use them for, of course) when they get to a shape and size I like. The first three were in DK cotton, though, whereas this one is in a much finer twine.

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