Great Mammals

20. Animals in Danger: Lions by Helen Orme

21. Animals in Danger: Rhinos by Helen Orme

22. Animals in Danger: Elephants by Helen Orme

These are three more in the same series as the Polar Bear one I mentioned a week ago. They are also from the same publisher as the Lioness Summer one from Monday’s post, and the Lions book here shares some pictures and graphs with that. These are more straight factual than that, however.

23. Zoom! Human Body by Nicholas Harris

There’s another in this Zoom! series too (about the animal kingdom more generally, from recollection – I’ll try to remember to check) that I looked at several weeks ago, but I like this one far more. It goes from a picture of a whole sleeping child, down to the skin of his hand, to the layers of the skin, to the cells, to the DNA, and so on. The pictures are clear and pleasantly drawn and the information is also clearly given.

In other news, I’ve only done a few more rows of the FrouFrou tonight. It’s still progress, though.


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