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25. Frida Kahlo: The Artist Who Painted Herself by Margaret Frith

While this short biography of Frida Kahlo is aimed at primary school children it has enough interest and information to give an overview to older children and adults. It’s written as if reproducing a report on the artist by a little American girl called Frieda, but doesn’t quite cloy. It’s beautifully illustrated with reproductions of paintings by Kahlo and cartoons of little Frieda.

26. A Place in History: The White House by Karen Price Hessell

I actually really like how this volume mixes the history of the building itself with the stories of the presidents and their families who lived there and some of the major events during their ‘administrations’. I’m looking forward to reading some of the others in the series if they’re this good. It only mentions the initial architects, and then the Presidents and First Ladies who had further work done – not the architects and surveyors who did the later work. (I sought in vain for B. Henry Latrobe.)

It really is too dark still to do complicated crochet stitches in the car on the way home, unfortunately. Hopefully I’ll get some good work done tonight.


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