Doing things for other people

I didn’t really get any of what I wanted to finish at work done today (although there were some successes nonetheless), because I had people coming to ask me to do or find things for them every few minutes all day. I spoke to my line manager at the end of the day about setting firmer boundaries of appropriate times and requests so that I can get the strategic things done, as well as responding to immediate needs and desires, so it should be better in future. (I didn’t even get a drink of water till 1:30pm.)

And then when I got home (after shopping for Shabbos) I proof-read something for my house-mate. Which I don’t mind at all, and had freely and eagerly offered to do, and otherwise I’d probably have been making her FrouFrou, so it works out. (I enjoy proof-reading too.)

But it didn’t lead to productiveness in either of the areas I normally write here about.


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