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Thanks to one of my colleagues, I have further information on Jan Steen‘s The Christening Feast (here listed as Celebrating the Birth. Apparently the Wallace Collection Live website will work now/at home (it wouldn’t when we looked a few days ago from work). The commentary there agrees with what I thought, which is that the woman stirring the pot is one of the maids. It doesn’t say which woman it considers to be the mother. While I can quite see why some of the other details would be extraneous in a children’s book I still don’t understand why such an interpretation was put there in the first place!

Today was busy, but less hectic than yesterday at work, so I actually got to finish another of the books I’ve been needing to read there. (It’s taken me a few days, despite being relatively short.)

30. Great Rivers of the World: The Rhine by Tony Allan

It discusses the history and geography of the riverside populations over thousands (but mostly hundreds) of years, as well as looking at the forces affecting the river itself (including river traffic, damming and pollution. I don’t know how many people would read it cover to cover, but it’s interesting that way and would be easy to dip into as well. I haven’t looked much at the rest of the series yet, but they look good too. I am surprised the Danube wasn’t among the rivers chosen.

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