In the Pink

My second Pink Project scrumble is coming along nicely, and made for a nice way to spend Motzei Shabbos, playing with my new yarns. The wooden rack proved itself as well, being comfortable to carry my yarn selection up and down stairs, while leaving it easy to see what I had, which the cloth bags aren’t quite so good for.

I sorted through all the new (second-hand) crochet hooks tonight, as well, picked out a couple of sizes I didn’t have and put the others together to take to work for teaching with. There are several 4.5mm hooks, and others from 3mm-8mm, so it’s a good range for using with normal yarn.

I don’t think I said, but I’ve finished the back, sleeves and collar of the FrouFrou, leaving just the front and edgings to do. Unfortunately I’ve got to put it aside as I’m also practically at the end of the yarn, until I can get some more. I’m hopeful I will be able to, but… It wouldn’t be a problem were I already up to the edgings, as those could be in a different colour, if necessary, which I probably could get, were I not to be too fussy, but doing the front in a different colour would be silly, I think! So in the meantime I’ll be working on other things!

I didn’t get as much reading done over Shabbos as I’d have liked, but it was nice and sociable, which I do need in my life, so I amn’t complaining!


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