Commuter Mitts

The mitts are going well – the first is done (okay, I have one end to weave in) and I’m well into the ribbing on the second. I crocheted instead of sleeping on the bus this morning, and got the first practically finished, allowing me to cut the yarn at work and finish it off in the car, then begin the ribbing and continue it walking. (This picture is a reconstruction, of course, done with some difficulty! It also shows how I hold my hook, if that’s of interest.)

My right hand, in its mitt, ended up being a whole lot warmer than the left! I think the left is going to end up being a lot better than the right. For one thing, I intend doing front and back more similarly, and hopefully a little more tightly (although not much) around my hand.
Then in work I read another book, which was alright, although I’d have preferred it to concentrate more on Cleopatra the queen than Cleopatra the lover, as she sounds very interesting. (This is also a children’s book…)

37. Usborne Famous Lives : Cleopatra by Katie Daynes


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