A third mitt?

So the second mitt is done, and I really like how it’s come out. Far better than the first, in fact, and now I’m thinking I want to redo the first! The person who took this picture for me says she likes how the fan pattern shows up more on the first (I did ‘too many’ stitches in each fan, so they puff out) but does agree it doesn’t fit half so well.

So I think I’ll be crocheting on the bus again tomorrow morning! (I can’t bring myself to begin tonight – I want a bit of feeling good about ‘finishing’!

I read another couple of books at work today (where I’ve also had some compliments on the mitts, as well as bemusement from the people giving me lifts):

38. Wood by Andy Goldworthy

I really didn’t know anything near so much about art before I began this job, and I’m very much enjoying the extra knowledge, especially of artists like Goldsworthy. I’d really like to see some of his works in person, although many are of course ephemeral and meant for others to appreciate through photographs and his wonderful books. (I’ve also read Stone and Wall.)

39. Usborne Famous Lives: Alexander the Great by Jane Bingham

I like this book rather better than the one on Cleopatra, as it seems a bit more about his exploits and rule than his love-life. I’ll admit that my knowledge of Alexander has largely come (a very long time – could it be eighteen or so years? – ago) from Mary Renault‘s The Persian Boy and its sequels. Let’s just say that those don’t paint his first wife Roxanne as the love of his life, the way this one hints (but not very strongly) at.


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