I feel like I haven’t been reading at all this week, but I have finished another book this evening, at last!

40. Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

I put this down as a partial reread on my list, which I don’t think I would have done had I just been in the States and picked it up to reread Cross Stitch for the umpteenth time, but I actually specifically got it to look for the changes, so…

Obviously, it really isn’t that different, and to be honest I think most of the changes were good edits, although there are a few extra details that were nice to read. I think I’ll go back to the one I’m used to the next time to go through the series, though.

So as you can probably guess, I do really like Gabaldon‘s writing, even if I actually might not have started with her books these days. Time travel is fun, and works when it’s been well-thought out, as here. Historical fiction has long been a favourite of mine, when well researched, which this has. Character development is the big thing over a long series, though, and she can do that, so it’s a winner.

The only thing I’m really surprised at is just how long this reread has taken (months) as it normally wouldn’t have at all. I must have been distracted. Or perhaps I just obtained Outlander too soon after rereading the whole series!

I also wanted to add that I’ve just found out that DG now has a blog herself, which proves to also be well written and interesting.


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