Learning what I’m meant to be doing

Considering the last few months, I’ve done a lot of learning today, with a shiur and chavrusa on (some of!) the Rambam‘s Hilchos Tefilla. I really need to be doing better at the practical side of that! I’m hoping/expecting to get to my regular shiur tonight, and even more fun, I’ve bought two new halacha books, plus a lighter one and two Shalsheles CDs (after enjoying the concert so much). (I had a voucher for the bookshop I went to, and got a discount as it’s the end of their sale.)

Jewish book sale haul

And yes, it’s true, I’m buying books faster than I’m reading them, especially considering just how much of what I read I get from work, the library or as gifts. One or two of the ones I got today really aren’t meant for reading cover to cover, however, but rather for dipping into as bits are relevant, and they’ll be useful for the rest of my life, potentially.


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One Response to “Learning what I’m meant to be doing”

  1. Karen Tintori Says:

    If you are interested in Jewish mysticism, you’d enjoy THE BOOK OF NAMES, a thriller Jill Gregory and I have written based on the legend of the Lamed Vovniks.

    Written for a broad audience, it nevertheless has a Jewish tam, and explains some of our religion’s beauty and teachings.

    Karen Tintori

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