I thought I would finish the tablecloth tonight, but I’m just too tired. I’m well into the last ball of yarn, however, and trying hard to work out a way to block the whole thing flat. I may just have to do it across the diameter a few times on the ironing board, or something, as that’s the biggest surface I can think of that’s flat and can be left with something damp on top for hours/days on end. I’ve managed to avoid blocking anything so far, but this one definitely needs the treatment!

I don’t have a round table at home to try it out on, but I did at the knitting etc group last night, and it looked good, although needing more overhang. It seemed quite small on the table, really.

Also wondering would I finish books faster did I read them consecutively rather than concurrently. Obviously I’d finish each individual book faster that way, but I wonder mightn’t I actually read less. Which is my way of saying I haven’t got much to report there either.

There should have been some general progress by Saturday night.


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