Sore muscles

I began another National Trail today, the Thames Path, with a colleague from work (who also started me off on the North Downs Way last year). We began at the Thames Barrier, visiting the Information Centre there, and ended about 13 miles later at the Tower Bridge. I haven’t walked any long distances in months, so I can really feel my feet and legs, but actual physical fatigue is just so much better of a feeling than mental fatigue that I’m really happy. (I’m pleased about the exercise too!)

The Barrier is a very impressive feat of engineering, and our guide at the Information Centre a good publicist for it. I still have an unhappy camera so I bought a postcard of that, and another of Tower Bridge, but I expect both are copyright, so I can’t scan them for you. (There are pictures at the links, however.) Docklands London (which is most of the route we covered today) is a fast changing and varied place, where building sites and fancy apartment blocks and offices share names and space with old manufacturing sites and housing. The river is a living working place, with constant traffic, plant and animal life in water that’s clear in the spots shallow and still enough not to be silted up.

I still have one section of the Capital Ring to do (I did all but about two sections of that in 2005, and did the penultimate one last summer), and then I had been going to begin the London Loop, but seeing as I have these other two started I think I’ll be better off continuing with those instead.

It is easier to follow the direction of the book, but I think that it’ll be cheaper and more convenient to get to the London bits of the Thames Path, so will probably continue going upstream for the time being. That’s also why I started with the Capital Ring and was aiming at the London Loop next. In any case, I like both the country/park walking and watching the historical shifts of London.


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