Reading Crochet Books?

I went through The Encyclopedia of Crochet Techniques by Jan Eaton at work today, and if it weren’t about crochet I’d certainly add it to my Reading 2008 list. The thing is, I only skimmed through the instructions (very clear) and stitch details (good charts), and had a quick look at the seven patterns included (a nice range for beginners and beyond, and things I would think of making), whereas if this were a book about another craft or hobby (especially one I don’t – yet – do) I would actually have read it.

Which is why there have been several reviews of scrapbooking and other craft/hobby books, and none yet about my main craft of choice.

Still, I’d heartily recommend the book, especially as a resource for beginners and those who want to try new things. It shows Tunisian, broomstick and hairpin techniques (all of which I want to learn), and also has a gallery of more advanced items made by various people, which is good for inspiration.

As for my own crochet, I think I’m perhaps halfway through the first front of the FrouFrou, as I got a good few rows done at the knitting group tonight. I really enjoy working away with other people, discussing our respective projects, crafts, books and lives in general. (& these are all very nice people, of course!)


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