Great Visions

60. The Shul Without a Clock by Emanuel Feldman

This collection of essays covers a huge range of Jewish and topical issues by a skilled and well educated writer and community Rabbi. R’ Feldman does not shy away from controversial issues, and unashamedly gives an Orthodox Jewish opinion to social issues in the wider world, and a personal one to potential controversies within the Orthodox world. He argues well, and writes entertainingly, and I enjoyed the whole book, where I agreed and where I didn’t. (I’ll admit my favourite essay is “Tefillin in a Brown Paper Bag”, about the importance on books being well written and edited.)

61. Through the Lens : National Geographic Greatest Photographs

This is an absolutely beautiful book, which I would definitely have read (or perused) at the earliest possible opportunity if work hadn’t got it. The editors have chosen a selection of the best of a magnificent collection from the archives of the National Geographic magazine over the past century or so, and then ordered it by continent (the oceans and islands of the world, as well as outer space also get their own chapters), each with an introductory few pages. The reproductions are fantastic, as one would expect, and certainly justify the considerable weight of the book.

62. International Organizations: European Union by Petra Press

This is part of a series for American schools about the major international organisations, and that American background does come through occasionally in the comparisons made, but it is a good introduction to the history and work of the EU up to 2004, when this book was published. That isn’t so very long ago, but enough new countries have joined since that a new edition might be worth having already!


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