New Pictures at last!

Thanks to some discussions on the CLF board on Ravelry awhile back I finally thought of scanning some of my smaller projects, seeing as my camera is no closer to being fixed.

My NatCroMo piece before

Guided Freeform 003

and after

Guided Freeform 004

today’s instructions.

The scanner isn’t good at depth, it seems, but you can get a decent impression, I think.

The FrouFrou is too large for the scanner, but here’s the new cuff, at least:


And the February mat is now too large for the scanner bed, so I’ve done it in halves:

Guided FreeformGuided Freeform 001

Again the focal length isn’t quite right, but it’s better than no pics at all, I hope. (It’s a shame the two halves don’t quite match up, but if I had the patience to make that work I’d have better pictures for you altogether!)


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One Response to “New Pictures at last!”

  1. Ben Torode Says:

    Careful doing that, you don’t want to scratch the scanner glass! Nice pics though.

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