April Showers

March was quite good for me, but April is falling a bit flat so far, what with NatCroMo finishing, taking on more stuff at work (good things I want to do, but that will take ever more of my time, which is already spoken for) and mostly disappointments I don’t really want to discuss.

It’s still Adar; I should be happy! Oh well, perhaps Nisan will be the time to free myself from the downturns.

I’ve been helping one of my crochet students with an amigurumi duck she is making as her first project, and now I want to make one too! She has the pattern book, however, so I’ll have to make something else. Something to cheer me up. Any suggestions? I have been wanting to try amigurumi toys.

93. The Good, The Bad and The Pugly: The Second Sheldon Collection by Dave Kellett

I finished it this morning, and began the third, and perhaps I should go read some more of that to bring back my smile. Sheldon has insightful humour that isn’t nasty.

94. Super-Simple Creative Costumes by Sue Astroth

You know I still haven’t learnt to sew from scratch, but there are lots and lots of great costume patterns and ideas in this book, that are well photographed and look clear to read. There are costumes for children and adults and discussion of how to size whatever you are trying to make, including talking about which parts need to change least/most.


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4 Responses to “April Showers”

  1. Amanda Says:

    I suggest not using a pattern! You can make whatever you want once you get the basic premise. Use a hook a size or two smaller then suggested for yarn type. Chain 2, sc in 2nd chain from hook however many stitches you want to start (I use 6, generally), then work in a spiral, increasing and decreasing as needed to shape the body. Shape the head and appendages the same way. I usually leave the top of the body and the bottom of the head open (same number of stitches) to whipstitch together for a neck.
    Experiment and have fun!

  2. kaet Says:

    Thanks, Amanda, maybe I should just go for it! I’ve just gone and looked at some of the ones on your blog, and I think I actually like the ones from yarn oddments best of all, so playing around probably suits me.

  3. Amanda Says:

    Oh scrappy amis are my favorite! No two alike, lol. The great thing about them is you can tie your yarn together, leaving tails three or four inches long, and then just leave the knots and tails inside the ami. No weaving in! I’ve never had an end poke through, but if it did, you just poke it back inside with a hook, lol. When I join the body parts, I use the tail from the fastened off yarn, and weave through the body of the animal (so that the yarn goes through the stuffing), pull tightly, cut, then push the ami back into shape if it dented in.

  4. kaet Says:

    Using long ends to sew the ami together and then just leaving them inside. Now that sounds good to me. I know what I’m doing tonight…

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