It’s Snowing!

Snowy garden with swing

Isn’t it pretty? (She says sitting indoors, and certainly not on the swing!)

Bare snowy tree
I love looking at trees at all times of the year. They are just beautiful.
Snow clumped on trees
Even when the bare structure of the tree doesn’t show through there is beauty.
Snow on yellow flowers
And here’s a little subtle colour in the snow. I think these are yellow catkins, but I haven’t gone close enough to check.

95. 62% More Awesome: The Third Sheldon Collection by Dave Kellett

96. A Blizzard of Lizards: The Fourth Sheldon Collection by Dave Kellett

Finished the reread, and I’ll have to make do with the daily story for the time being. There’s a great non-verbal story about Oso the Pug going on at the moment, which I’d recommend highly.

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2 Responses to “It’s Snowing!”

  1. Annette Says:

    You had snow on April 6?? Where are you?

    Hope you have a good Passover!

  2. kaet Says:

    That’s the weirdness of British weather. That was the first of the winter, to my recollection. Of course, when I used to live in the North of England, we often got snow once in February and once in June!

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