Pesach is Coming!

I haven’t done any crocheting since Friday, I’m afraid, as last night and this morning I’ve been Pesach cleaning instead. I cleaned my laptop today, by which I mean I drew a diagram of where the keys all go (this stage is very important!), took them off, washed and dried them, then cleaned (ie brushed and vacuumed – don’t use liquid on a laptop!) underneath. Once all that was done and the keys were properly dry I put them back. I recommend opening a blank notepad file for this, both because it allows one to confirm the key is right before putting it back, and also because in any other program (or none) hitting keys at random can potentially do damage.

Some of the keys are now a little stiff (especially the space and shift buttons) although I don’t really get why, seeing as there should be far fewer – if any – crumbs or bits of dust underneath. Hopefully that will loosen up shortly.

101. Don’t Yell Challah in a Crowded Matzah Bakery! The Book of Kosher L’Pesach Humor & Stress Relief by Mordechai Schmutter

This is a humorous recounting of the fun, trials and tribulations of preparing for and experiencing Pesach, which actually has more proper information (as opposed to just comedy, which is there in spades) than I had expected. It’s in a similar style to the author’s weekly column in Hamodia, and shows that he can hold together a much longer piece. And, in fact, the book is well integrated, rather than being unconnected essays.

Besides the cleaning, I have at least three crochet projects to finish by Friday: frog, dog and shawl. Wish me luck!


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