Chol Hamoed Photos

Capital Ring Distance Sign
As I mentioned yesterday, I finished off the Capital Ring on Wednesday last week, so here are some of the pictures from the walk. I began at Wimbledon Park Station and walked to Boston Manor Station a little beyond Syon Park, so about nine miles according to this sign, although the book seemed to suggest it would be nearly eleven.
Wimbledon Park tennis courts
From the station I walked through Wimbledon Park, which is attached to the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, although I couldn’t work out how many of the multiple less prestigious court belong to the club and how many to the park.
Queen's Mere, Wimbledon Common
On to Wimbledon Common, and Womble territory!
Up the path, and one of the Met‘s finest nobly assisting a Londoner to retrieve her lost property. In this case a golf ball in the bushes! (I felt shy to take the picture when next to the participants, so waited until I was across into the next set of trees.)
Deer in Richmond Park
When I took this picture I noticed my battery was dying, so didn’t take any more until near the end of the walk, unfortunately.
Hounslow advice to dog owners
Hounslow Council evidently don’t pull many punches.
Turn-off for Boston Manor Station
And this is where I met up with where I’d walked before on the Ring. The funny angle is the only one where I didn’t get glare on the sign.

Thorpe Park mug
On the Thursday I went with some friends to Thorpe Park and had fun on some roller-coasters, despite the rain, hail, thunder and lightning.


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