Moving does take up an awful lot of time, even with help from my wonderful friends. Add to that the fact that my latest crochet project is a lovely fast pattern I’m testing for someone on Ravelry, that I haven’t had her explicit permission to share with you, so I’ll leave showing you the pictures until I have it. I’m planning on making it again, in another size, though, perhaps even for myself. One good thing about moving is that I’ve had to sort through my stash and hibernating projects, and of course I picked up a couple of abandoned ones and started joining them together into something, probably a floor mat for somewhere in the flat, seeing as they’re of string. I didn’t have the camera with me in the flat to show what I was up to, so you will have to wait for that too. Both sections are so old they aren’t among my Ravelry projects, either.

Still, I have read another couple of books, both of which involve several secrets, good and bad.

124. Mystery of the Amazon by Gita Gordon

Despite the cover, there are no parrot protagonists in this novel, although a significant portion of it does take place in Brazil, with others in Israel, America and a few other places. It’s not bad, and a fun quick read (at 168 pages).

125. Inkheart by Cornelia Funke

I have read one other of Funke’s novels (Dragon Rider) and they’re good. I loved all the literary references in this one, probably because I share the heroes’ love of books and reading. I have often imagined myself in some of my favourite books, but to bring the villains into mine? That would be scary indeed! What more can I say without giving too much away?


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