Catching up

I packed a couple of boxes last night, then lay down briefly before blogging… Apart from a couple of interruptions from people who (reasonably enough) assumed that my light being on at 10:30pm meant I was awake, I basically slept through until 3.30am. So anyway, it’s 7am, and I’ll just mention a couple of craft books I read yesterday.

141. Kitschy Crafts: A Celebration of Overlooked 20th-Century Crafts by Jo Packham and Matt Shay

The kitsch is played up, with lots of background imagery from adverts of the 1950s and beyond, but several interesting crafts are described, and some have instructions and/or patterns included. I surmise one or both of the authors is a crocheter, as there are pages and pages of crochet patterns, where most of the crafts only get one or two.

142. A Closet Full of Shoes: Simple Ways to Make Them Chic by Jo Packham and Sara Tolliver

There are some great ideas here, and some amazing footwear, but I’m afraid I’m a bit too conservative with my footwear to try any but the very subtlest of embellishments. Full patterns are given for making baby shoes from scratch, as well as for decorating bought shoes for all ages, and anyone could have fun with shoes for the very young.

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