Expanding Wardrobes

I’ve done rows 1-9 of a second Mystery Shawl, as I have most available time for it at the moment while commuting, and the threads for the one I began on Friday (which I’ve only done the first row of) are not conducive to taking about with me. I amn’t convinced I’ve got enough of the turquoise for the pattern, or that I’d ever wear the colour, but if need be that will go to a child. I’m intending to do the thread one for myself, still. I’d hoped for some pictures for you, but haven’t been able to get them onto any computer yet.

My own wearable clothes in are still in a jumble, in bags, boxes, and even wardrobes, occasionally. I amn’t looking forward to all the ironing this move is going to entail…

149. Mrs Tinne’s Wardrobe: A Liverpool Lady’s Clothes 1900-1940 by Pauline Rushton

This is actually a fascinating book, showing much of the extensive wardrobe of the eponymous Mrs Tinne, a Liverpool doctor’s wife of the first half of the twentieth century, whose husband’s private income allowed her to buy many more outfits and accessories than most of her peers, although she seems to have largely retained her tastes to those normal in such circles. Her youngest daughter has donated most of the wardrobe to the National Museums Liverpool, and this selected catalogue of the collection is beautifully produced, with a very readable introduction to Liverpool, the Tinne family and the major clothes retailers of the period contained within it.


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