Unexplained Mysteries

Crocheting walking

I have actually finished the first clue of the Mystery Shawl, but I’m going to put the picture of that at the bottom of this post, for the benefit of anyone who might not want to see it yet. This is a picture from Monday, of the commuting edition of the shawl. I still mean to make the pink and brown one, as I’m more likely to wear it, but cones aren’t so easy to keep in my raincoat pocket!

150. The Epileptic Bicycle by Edward Gorey

This is the only Gorey book I have (there’s very little gore), but I should look out more, as it never fails to bring a bemused smile to my face. I love the children’s names, and they suit their surreal story very well.

151. The Essential Rene Magritte by Todd Alden

And here’s a book that’s about the quintessential Surrealist. I don’t think I’d suffered before for not knowing that his mother committed suicide and the episode affected his life and work ever after, but apparently it did. This is a very readable and informative series of art books, but I’m getting a little tired of the overly chatty style.



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    […] still engrossed in the shawl that’s been taking most of my non-working time recently. Last June I began working on Tracey’s Mystery Shawl, and for a variety of reasons it never got […]

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