Through the day

I don’t think I’ve mentioned my crochet since the break. I have actually been doing a fair bit (not on Yom Tov, obviously), but I’ve just been working away at the middles of a few long projects (blankets and scarves) that don’t show progress easily, rather than anything I could show off to myself or anyone else.

160. Yikang’s Day: From Dawn to Dusk in a Chinese City by Sungwan So

There’s quite a bit of reading in this little book for primary school children about the daily life of a young Chinese girl. The photographs are big and clear, so it’s probably a good one to read to a developing reader a few times before leaving them to struggle through alone. (The transliterated Chinese – I suspect Mandarin, but they weren’t clear as to which dialect is used in Yikang’s region – isn’t going to be encouraging to someone who has to push themself to recognise English words.)

161. The Essential Alexander Calder by Howard Greenfeld

I am glad I was inspired to read this one sooner rather than later, as Calder‘s art appeals to me in many of its forms. I shall have to look out for his mobiles and stabiles particularly.


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