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It’s late, so I’ll try to show you the coaster/dishcloth I made this afternoon tomorrow. I just must make sure I photograph it before I give it to my Shabbos host, who made sure I had a wonderful time!

163. The Hidden Hand: Uncovering Divine Providence in major events of the 20th century by Yaakov Astor

I’m reading another couple of history books, that I thought I might have finished to write up together, but anyway, this is the one I enjoyed by far the most.

As is clearly stated on and in the book, “This is not a Jewish history book. It is a book about history – spcifically, 20th century history – from a Torah-based, Jewish perspective.”

The more history (and, in fact, all ‘non-fiction’) I read, the more I realise that everything is written from a perspective, point of view, and point of argument, and so in many cases I prefer that the writer is upfront about what they’re trying to do and present.

This book is well written and put together, and seems well-researched, by what I knew of the topics independently. (It also has very interesting endnotes, which I’d have preferred as footnotes, as most of them add interesting extra information.) There was one mixed metaphor that stopped me in my tracks and pulled me out of the argument, but as I suspected (and confirmed by asking other readers of the book, who hadn’t even noticed it) that’s only because of my fibre arts focus. (“… because a Master Weaver is expertly spinning a perfectly patterned tapestry.”)

Otherwise I really enjoyed reading this book, discovering more of the episodes discussed, and using my brain to think about Astor’s discussions of Hashgacha, or Divine Providence. He is apparently writing a sequel, which I am looking forward to.


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