Seeing things

We have pictures again:
Swans with cygnets
These were the royal accompaniment on my walk yesterday.
Red Carpet on the Stairs
And this is what I found on my way to work today.

I love the cotton I bought yesterday, Twilleys Organic Cotton Sincere DK, which is really soft and just pouring with drape. I just wish I’d bought it to make a shawl or something from, rather than dishcloths or coasters/table mats.

Anyway, this is the coaster from yesterday:
and this is the table mat (I have finished it at that motif by now):
Joined motifs

164. Geisha of Gion by Mineko Iwasaki with Rande Brown

I’ve read this before, and it’s a good read, explaining a specific culture known of but quite foreign to the vast majority of those of us not from Japan (and nowadays to many who are, I believe). There’s a lot of personal commentary is what is an autobiography which is largely about the setting.

165. Animals in Danger: Orang-utans by Helen Orme

Orang-Utans are beautiful, and should be better protected.

166. Francis Drake & the Armada by John Guy

The information in this book is good, but it’s very very bitty. Every paragraph has its own heading, and one does not lead into the next.


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    […] is from the same series as the Francis Drake book I read and discussed about a week ago, but I think it’s much better. The chapters certainly flow far better. […]

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