American Pride

168. The American Art Book (Phaidon)

Not that I’m American, or anything, but I am quite proud of myself for looking properly at each of the 500 pictures in this book, and reading the commentary. (I’ve read the original and the 20th Century ones as well – not forgetting the two children’s editions – but that was last year or even the one before, and I’ve taken the time since over this one. The Photography Book comes next.)

Anyhow, this selection of more than 250 years worth of paintings, sculpture, photographs, quilts and more is just as good as this others in the series, and well worth the perusing. If you can, I strongly advise the large format, rather than the small one, as the reproductions really repay enough space to see them well.


I’ve decided to call the Crazy Cloth Dishcloths potholders when I give them away, but say that they can be used however the recipient wants. I think that will go down better around here. I’ve done the blue one (yesterday) and half of the green one. I really like the pattern, which confused me at first, but then made so much sense once I’d got it that I didn’t even need to refer back to it to begin my second one, so I gave my printout (including the site address and full credit) to someone at the knitting & crochet group tonight. Here’s hoping this is okay. It’s a great pattern.

I took some pictures this afternoon, and will try to slot them in tomorrow. Goodnight!


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