Sneaking in

169. Keeping Unusual Pets: Snakes by Sonia Hernandez-Divers

Unlike the rest of this series, which basically take a double page spread or two to give general information about the animal, and why one might or might not want one as a pet, this one is up to page 14 before it assumes you are getting one, and is still suggesting careful thought. It also has lots of pictures of snakes eating (dead – it strongly discourages live feeding) rats and mice, and doesn’t sugar-coat what is entailed. Snakes have the potential to be very dangerous, even the small non-venomous kind.

blue & ecru potholder
Finally a picture of one of the potholders I’ve been working on. The green one and the pink one are now done (each in a single colour) and I’ve begun another in plain ecru (presuming I have enough of it). I’d like to do another each in green and pink, so there’s a pair for meat, milk and parev to give to my friends. I’m able to get one and a bit done on my commute (including both ways) at the moment, it seems, which is great.


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