Practically creative

I’m still plugging away at the potholders; I’m onto the fifth one, although the fourth is missing its last row, seeing as I ran out of yarn – Twilleys Sincere Organic Cotton – (and began the fifth – in another colour) on the way to the shopping centre, so I did get to buy some more. I think when I (a) have money available and (b) have depleted my stash a bit more, I’m going to get enough to make myself a shawl or other piece of clothing with it. It really does drape beautifully.

170. A Fashionable History of Hats & Hairstyles by Helen Reynolds
171. A Fashionable History of the Shoe by Helen Reynolds

I really enjoyed the Hats & Hairstyles book, so I read the Shoes one too, and it is as good; I’m just more interested in headwear. The books aim to cover (briefly) the whole of known history, and are arranged more thematically than chronologically, so there is a double page spread on wigs, and another on flat hats, or on tall hats, with examples from a wide variety of places and periods. Most of the books of costume history I’ve seen (and I’ve looked through a fair few, by now) are more strictly chronological, or very focussed, so this way was interesting. The text in both is clear, readable, and flows well, so I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

Time to go – Good Shabbos!


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