Knowing my life

I’m wondering is the Stashbuster Scarf big enough that I should finish it, and use my bits of yarn for some more scrumbling. I finally sent of my pieces for the Pink Project off to Australia last week, and now Sidhechilde has reinspired me with some of her fabulous freeform work. (All Ravelry links, I’m afraid. If you’re interested in the crochet you really should sign up.)

Besides working on that scarf this morning, I also spent a bit of time with Irish Crochet Lace: Motifs Collected and Described by Eithne D’arcy so might mix some of those motifs into whatever I work on next.

172. Life As We Knew It by Susan Pfeffer

Not entirely sure why I reread this, as while it’s gripping, it’s also disconcerting. Rather better than the run of the mill End Of The World Disaster Stories (and why are they ALWAYS American?) the most thought provoking thing is that many of the signs of panic and trouble are happening anyhow. This book was only published last year, and $5/gallon for vehicle fuel doesn’t look like it’ll be unusual for that long. UK petrol prices are calculated in pence per litre, so not instantly comparable, but they have always been much higher.

Food prices are going up and deadly strains of diseases are becoming more common. I could go on, but the book is an interesting take on how one family tries to look after themselves, and in the process draws their line of family (who they will help and support) very close indeed in the bid for survival. Those who try to do otherwise are seen as doing their job, and not to be emulated.

I hope we won’t generally come to that in this world.


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