I went to a really lovely wedding tonight, weaving in the last ends on the potholders I made for them just before I left home, so unfortunately I didn’t get around to taking a photo of the complete set. Sorry!

I’m very vaguely wondering did I burn off more energy dancing at the wedding then I gained from the very nice meal provided, as I need to lose some weight. I have no intention at all of obsessing about this, however, so don’t expect to hear too much about it.

173. A Fashionable History of Dresses & Skirts by Helen Reynolds
174. A Fashionable History of Coats & Trousers by Helen Reynolds
175. A Fashionable History of Underwear by Helen Reynolds
176. A Fashionable History of Jewellery & Accessories by Helen Reynolds
177. A Fashionable History of Make-Up & Body Decoration by Helen Reynolds

I mentioned the other two volumes in this series the other day, and these are similar in both structure and quality, but just as interesting in their own right. The themes of the double page spreads are well planned, and make sense together. (There is one on Skirts for Men, in the Dresses and Skirts book, and one on Trousers for Women, in the Coats and Trousers book.) There is also a bit of overlap of information, but only where it’s relevant. (Underwear and dress shape over time are closely linked together, for example.


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