No post last night, and still behind with discussing the books, because life got in the way. We are having guests this Shabbos and had to sort things out in the flat. Mainly, we had to rearrange some furniture to be able to pull out the sofa bed for use. And then of course I had to check the mattress is comfortable…

Which it is. It’s far more comfortable than either of our beds, and I don’t think I got up from it for at least half an hour. I wasn’t allowed to sleep, unfortunately, but between that and the Pilates class I went to earlier in the evening I’m feeling quite relaxed, if still tired.

I was teaching a filet pattern yesterday, which of course entailed making it myself, and now I’m doing a second one, to satisfy myself as to the difference between one-chain boxes and two-chain boxes. The (unfinished) two-chain version is much clearer in terms of seeing the pattern, although it also helps that I’m using a smaller hook and a single solid colour this time. (The knot in the yarn is not my doing – it was already there!)
filet 002


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