What I’ve been playing at

Not all that much of interest, but I have got reinspired to make some amigurumi toys, largely because I’ve been sorting through stuff after the move, and found lots and lots of stuffing material that I really should use!

I’ve begun Syd Rabbit from Vintage Crochet, and have further ideas of what to do after him. I haven’t planned what to do with the toys once I’ve made them, but I’m quite sure homes will not be lacking. It’s not beyond a small bowl shape yet, so no pictures I’m afraid.

192. All For The Boss by Ruchoma Shain

This is just as good as people have been telling me for years it is; I amn’t really sure why I never got around to reading it before. Shain never pretends to be anyone other than a loving daughter writing about her revered father, but she writes very well, and gives a meaningful sense of what it was like to have such a father.

R’ Yaakov Yosef Herman led and supported the establishment of much of the infrastructure of Orthodox Jewish life in New York and elsewhere in the United States in the first half of the twentieth century (CE). He and his family worked to this end on both the communal and individual levels, and are inspiring figures. I strongly recommend the book in my turn.

193. The Danger Zone: Avoid Working in a Victorian Mill by John Malam

This book is excitingly laid out, and well researched, written and illustrated. I thought I would know most of the information, but I learned a lot.


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