My platelets donation went perfectly today! We tried the right arm, since the left has been problematic for about a year, and even though the vein is not ideal, it’s evidently better than the scarred left one, with a bit of care.

Luna is getting very excited about exploring Europe, but her Travelling Teddy group isn’t ready to start yet [go sign up!] so she came out with me for the day. She was a bit scared for me, as Moon Bears get horribly mistreated in the extraction of their bodily fluids (bile) for human benefit, but in contrast, human blood/component donors have a choice, have their own health as paramount in the process, are not caged or shackled and are very well treated, rather than horribly abused.
Luna bear outside the Blood Donor Centre
Anyway, Luna got a sticker for coming along, and if any of the visiting teddies are here when I go next, in a month, they can come and get one too. (Only those would say ‘Auntie’, not ‘Mum’.) They will not be asked to donate themselves! Luna also finally got to model her rucksack for completed display.

From the Blood Donor Centre we went to the shopping centre, to see was anything left in the yarn sale at John Lewis and there was…

We got a book of crochet patterns for small people, and some yarn. Only a representative sample of the yarn is in the photo (in the interests of me not getting told off for buying 22 balls of a colour – the orangey one – that doesn’t even look good on me) but I do have tentative plans for it, and I love the yarn. (I’ve used other colours of it.)

Also in the picture is the American crochet magazine WHSmith seem to have begun stocking, as I obviously need to encourage this trend, and the lap blanket I finally finished! I got it to the last 6 inches of the edging by the time we had to leave where we have our knit/crochet group, but I did those on the walk home. Tomorrow should be a great time to visit the intended recipient, and even though it won’t be so much use in the current summer weather, I think she’ll like to get it at last. She’s probably forgotten I was even making it for her after all this time!

And I threw my current copy of Niccolo Rising in as well. Chapter 4 hasn’t got me any closer to working out which grudges are personal yet, and which have history as well as current provocation behind them.


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