Tisha B’av is over for another year (although we still have a few hours of official mourning) and I spent most of the day in my synagogue, where I could get an appropriate atmosphere and lots of inspiration. I did read an appropriate book while I was at home, and actually finished it (I know I haven’t been doing much of that lately). I’m planning on doing some crocheting tomorrow too, which should be fun.

229. The Kingdom Didn’t Fall by Meir Baram

This is the story of two boys/young men (the main fictional characters) from outside Jerusalem who end up there among those defending it from the besieging Romans. There is no secret that they will ultimately be overcome, and the city and the Temple (the Second) be destroyed – which is much of what we mourn on Tisha B’av, the anniversary of the destructions of both temples, as well as several other tragedies of Jewish history – but it’s a well done recounting, which clarified some things for me (an overview of the sources used is given in the introduction, and then they are listed chapter by chapter at the end of the book) and is  very readable as a novel. It’s aimed at younger readers, but that never stops me.

Unfortunately I can’t link you to it, as the only reference I can find online is riddled with inaccuracies, so I don’t see the point. Tvuna Publishers put it out in 1989, without an ISBN, so it would appear to be well out of print, I’m afraid.


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