Homeward Happiness

I’m back in Dublin (I travelled overnight, and crocheted along the way – I’ve brought my orange cotton, and the book I got last time I was over here, Irish Crochet Lace by Eithne d’Arcy)
Orange Irish crochet motifs
and Luna came along and met some of the teddies who first travelled with me.

Teddy and Big Bear told her about all our trips when I was really little.

Then, when they’d given her their seal of approval, she met the rest of the home gang:
Teddies Galore!
Clockwise from left, these are Scottie Terry, Monkey, Dog, Big Bear, Luna, Teddy, Don and Puppy. (No, I wasn’t very creative in my naming practices when I was very little. Scottie Terry, Don (from Oxford) and obviously Luna are more recent friends.)

Luna even got a horseback ride. (Once upon a time, my mother knitted the saddle blanket.)
Luna on horseback

Have I mentioned before that my mother is still wonderful, even though she doesn’t knit for my toys anymore? She is:
Opal sock yarn, plus oiled flint stone
I’ve been wanting to play with some self-striping sock yarn (I hadn’t even told her so) and she’s got me three balls, which should be plenty to experiment with. She also got me this beautiful oiled flint stone, which feels great in the hands.


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5 Responses to “Homeward Happiness”

  1. maria walker Says:

    I liked your pictures. I was especially liked the yarn, what kind of yarn is that and where can I found more?

  2. Amanda Says:

    What are you supposed to do with the flint stone?

  3. kaet Says:

    Thanks, Maria. The orange cotton is Rowan Purelife DK organic cotton. If you look it up in a search engine you should find a local distributor. The sock yarn is Opal Hundertwasser, from Zwerger Garn, and their US distributor is at http://www.opalsockyarn.com/ if that helps.

  4. kaet Says:

    Hi Amanda! I think the flint is just to enjoy the look and feel of, although it might serve as a paperweight, I suppose.

  5. Amanda Says:

    Well, it is very pretty, which is why I asked. I think of sharpening knives or striking stones to start fires when I think of flint, lol. I was worried that the pretty stone was going to abused in some fashion!!

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