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I got a couple more motifs done today (and yes, it does appear that I’ve got two different shades/dye lots going, but I’m hoping it won’t be too noticeable in the end). My wise mother pointed out that the 3D qualities of Irish crochet (which I really like) are not so well suited to providing an even surface for plates and platters, so I think the filet work I’m also planning for this cloth will have to be the main parts across the actual table, while the thicker motifs will adorn the skirt section, in a wide border. I’ll continue working my way through the book for the motifs, and then I’ll get to planning my filet work.

I’m continue to be glad I’ve signed up for the RSS feed of Librivox‘ newly completed works, as there’s plenty of good stuff coming through. (Obviously I only download what strikes my fancy.) I’ve just listened to a romantic comedy set in First World War London (written in 1918), which is a lot of fun, and less improbable than many of its genre/period.

230. Patricia Brent, Spinster by Herbert Jenkins

Patricia, at 24 proud (if lonely) being a working spinster, is piqued to overhear her fellow boarders pitying her as an old maid of 27, and gets herself in a scrape (I’m picking up the lingo) by proclaiming to the household that she’s off to meet her fiance, panicking when she realises she’s been followed and precipitating rather a lot of people’s feelings!

Add ten years to Patricia’s age, and the story could almost work nowadays, but it doesn’t need to for the gentle humour to win through. The lone reader is good, and does dialogue and expression well (major points for me, as you may have noticed from my regular comments on the matter). English is not her native tongue, as can be told from some of the pronunciations, but this is a minor issue, and should not detract from the tale.


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