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No new picture today, I’m afraid, but I have done another motif or two on the tablecloth. I’ve also printed out some filet patterns to play with. In fact they are meant as cross stitch patterns, but will do just as well for filet, as only one colour is needed.

There are several free online generators of text patterns for cross stitch, but I would recommend two in particular. Celtic Cross Stitch allows you to type in a word or phrase (excluding accented letters and punctuation), then gives a Jpeg image which you can save or print directly of that word or phrase in Celtic lettering. Stitchpoint is much more flexible, with four fonts available, as well as accents and punctuation, and the option to build in line breaks, but I could not see how to save the resulting image, only print it directly, and it is rather slower, since the text cannot be typed in by keyboard, but each letter and piece of punctuation has to be clicked on separately.

I’m planning on interspersing my words and phrases (food and guest related) with pretty pictures, for which I’ll use charts meant for filet work, as most of the cross stitch ones I have seen expect a variety of colours to be available. I haven’t really begun looking for those online, although I know there are a lot out there.

I’ve had no excuse for not continuing with Niccolo Rising in the last couple of posts, even through I didn’t bring my copy, since my mother introduced me to the books, and has all of them… So, chapter 9: In which we learn a whole lot more about child-parental relationships.

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