Lots to say and show

I have to get back to regular posting – there’s just too much to put in when I leave it!

I’m still waiting for some of the pics to upload, so I’ll tell you about the book first:

246. Probable Sons by Amy le Feuvre

This certainly falls into that Orphan Girls genre I was talking about last week, and it’s by far the most explicitly Christian one I’ve read (or listened to), seeing as I’m Jewish myself. I left out then, since Understood Betsy is one of the exceptions, how the child (Little Lord Fauntleroy being a prime example of this theme) is usually an unknowing very good influence on the disaffected adult(s). The book being so overtly Christian (the title is based on Milly’s mispronunciation of prodigal) her guardian has more lost fervency in his religious beliefs than interest in society, but gets it back under her influence.

Milly is sweet and sad, but she really needs some companions to play with. The reading is good, but this probably won’t be among my rereads. (If it had been longer I probably would have given up before the end.)

Luna in envelope
Luna set off on her travels today (this was the position she chose!) and I realise I didn’t show her getting travel advice before we left Ireland.
She learnt all about carrying your world on your back (that or she was trying to hide from me). (And I might or might not have got an idea for something to make for my mother – this is only half the collection!)

Anyway, Luna is now on her way to Germany, and I’m expecting a little bear visitor called Bruno in the next few days.

In crochet news, I’ve actually finished something for the first time in what feels like ages! It’s still blocking, and I need to obtain and attach some buttons (or something equivalent) but the crocheting’s done, and the blocking is in progress. This is the most comprehensive attempt at blocking I’ve made so far, so I’m going to put the pictures up without my own commentary, in anticipation of advice and suggestions from the more experienced. I used what I had, as I don’t own any specialist blocking tools.
making a blocking template
board, piece and template
checking pinned piece against template
pinned out piece
wetting the pinned piece


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3 Responses to “Lots to say and show”

  1. Sally Says:

    Hi Kaet

    Great to see Luna packed and ready to go!! I took a pic of Miss Sophie, but will have to get a Flickr account to get the pic loaded up for Ravelry.
    This is so much fun, thanks for all your hard work.
    Hugs, Sallyxx

  2. kimmikat Says:

    Hi Kaet.
    Love the pictures of Luna. And what a beautiful name for a bear! I am looking forward to giving her a cuddle in a few weeks. I hope she arrives safely in Germany. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I was so late last night I didn’t get a chance to visit here.
    Hugs to you, and my thoughts are with Luna!

  3. Bruno and Books « Kaet’s Weblog Says:

    […] and then coming shopping today. He helped me choose some buttons for the Cafetiere Cosy I finished nearly a week ago, and encouraged me to finish his belt, once we got home. On the way he took advantage of the […]

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