Guliver Beal comes to town

Guliver Beal and the Hug

Guliver Beal is our second Travelling Teddy visitor. He came very well dressed in his green jacket, and so Lily, who likes her hug to be well dressed, thinks Zippy needs something. (I don’t think I actually introduced Yudel, Zippy and Lily (left to right) when Bruno was here, did I?)

Anyway, the new friends relaxed on the sofa this evening while I (sat on the floor and) avoided studying – I had done some earlier! – by making myself a new cloth pad. It’s rather cobbled together from bits of old clothing from my rag drawer, and while it’s more interesting colours than the ones I have made before (they were made from grey and pale blue t-shirts) it is not shaped well at all. My sewing skills are getting worse…
top side of open padunderside of open padfolded pad


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    […] teddy’s Sukkos Since Guliver Beal arrived, we’ve had Yom Kippur and the first days of Sukkos, and mostly Guliver Beal and the hug have […]

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