Need to think things through

It’s Yom Kippur tonight, and I don’t feel like I’ve prepared myself for it very well. It will come anyhow, and I must just do my best.

[Complete non-sequiter follows.]

Oh, and as well as making the new pad yesterday, I’ve also re-covered an old one.
cloth pad, re-covered


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2 Responses to “Need to think things through”

  1. Amanda Says:

    How many layers of fabric do you use in your pads? Do you use any special fabric for the middle, or just several layers? I keep saying I’m going to make some of these, but I never get around to it, lol.

  2. kaet Says:

    Hi Amanda

    I don’t always use exactly the same number of layers in my pads, although I’d recommend at least four, I think. I always put a waterproof layer in second from the bottom (I’m working my way through an ancient raincoat that was no longer wearable even before I began cutting it up). I know plenty of other people don’t find that necessary, but I do. I usually use cotton for the other layers, as it’s comfortable, absorbent but washable – if you rinse the pad immediately under cold running water everything should come out, and even if you’ve had to leave it awhile soaking and soap do the job – and is available to me as no longer wearable clothing.

    I like having a few pads of different thicknesses, and if one has gone grey from repeated washing I just add another layer on top, which makes me feel like I have a new one!

    I find these a useful quick project that recycles what would otherwise be disposed of, and that I can do even without being able to sew well or having a sewing machine. No-one’s going to examine my seams, after all!

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